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About Fruttech

About Fruttech

It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of juices, nectars and drinks in the long-term market. Fruttech has premium brands such as Shake-It with high quality standards that exceed the market competitors. Also in the area of ​​beverages is the brand Nativo and Nativo Fresko, which are distinguished by their tropical flavors and unique original packaging in the country. This company evolves the world of soft drinks through technological innovation.

The vision

Fruttech wants to be recognized for offering fruit-based products that provide quality of life for our consumers.


We are an organization dedicated to the commercialization of products that generate a balance between health and well-being in the national and international market.



  • Development of human talent.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in production processes.
  • Standardization of certified quality.
  • Consolidation in the national market.
  • Venture into the international market.
  • Innovation in products, processes and technology.

RIF: J-40290938-1

Highway Ppal. Location Centro Trenex,
Fundo La Unión, Warehouses 2, 3, 4 and 5


+58 (Venezuela)
Phone: +58 0241 200 2222